Welcome to Sixth Form

Student Courses

The courses outlined in this prospectus are designed to meet the needs of all students, regardless of ability. A number of vocational courses are being offered this year alongside the more traditional subjects.

Student Life

As a student in Harefield Sixth Form you will spend approximately 20 hours each week studying your chosen subjects. The facilities for Sixth Form students are second to none with a  Post 16 area including ICT provision for Sixth Form students only. The expectation of you as a Sixth Former is that you are a role model for younger students in The Academy. You will also be given the opportunity to develop your leadership and enterprise skills by leading Academy events and developing The Academy’s ‘Student Voice’.

Student Support

As most Sixth Form teaching groups are small your progress will be monitored carefully and support provided by staff where necessary. Staff will also provide support for applications to university and future employment to ensure a successful outcome.


We have a LRC situated in the main building that is open throughout The Academy day. The LRC is kept silent for the benefit of the working Sixth Formers, who can use this as an additional space to work in, outside of the Post 16 area.

The Sixth Form Study Room

There is one Sixth Form study room, on the second floor. Students have access to computers and a silent study room within the main room. They also receive a locker to keep their belongings in.

The Gym

The Academy’s gym facilities are available to all of Harefield Sixth Form students, provided that they have completed the induction programme and that the gym is not being used for lessons.

Contact Us

Please use the relevant details below to contact our office.

Our office opens at 8am and closes at 4pm. Any calls after that will be tended to the next working day. If your child is a member of Harefield School, they will be able to contact their teachers by using their school Gmail account, or via Google Classroom.