Once logged in, to find the relevant homework set please click on the homework tab at the top of the page so that a list of homework will appear.  You will be able to see homework that is set and click on the task to find out more information.  The homework is automatically set by issue date and shows the completion date on the task set. 


“Homework is not an optional extra, but an essential part of a good education.”

1999 White Paper, Excellence in Schools

Rationale Homework develops student learning, improves achievement and embeds students’ study skills and as such is an integral part of the curriculum.

Aims Homework enables students to:

  • Consolidate and extend work covered in class or prepare for new learning activities
  • Access resources not available in the classroom.
  • Develop research skills.
  • Have an opportunity for independent work
  • Show progress and understanding.
  • Provide feedback in the evaluation of teaching.
  • To enhance students study skills, e.g. planning, time management and self-discipline.

Expectations – by whom, what and when? Homework is set at Harefield School through the interactive website ‘Class charts’. All students and parents will be provided with a logon to access homework tasks through mobile devices such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

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Seneca is a fun resource to support you with your homework and revision.  Your teachers may set you specific task and activity to complete through Seneca.

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