Mission, Vision and Values

All students are able to achieve their academic potential, in a caring, safe and inclusive environment.


At Harefield, we aim to provide an environment where all students are able to achieve their academic potential in a safe, caring and inclusive environment.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to foster this atmosphere by blending rigorous standards with outstanding support. We uphold high expectations for students in classwork, behavior, attendance, and all aspects of school life. We believe that by meeting these standards, students can unlock their full potential. Additionally, we acknowledge the importance of offering support and guidance to students on their journey toward realising their potential. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional support to all students, with a particular focus on those with additional needs.


Our values of Respect, Honesty, Responsibility and Compassion exemplify who we are as a school community and form the foundation for everything we do. We are proud of our values which underpin our mission statement, supporting our commitment to academic excellence, as well as our determination to maintain a caring community for everyone. Both students and staff work to demonstrate our values in all aspects of school life.

Our four Harefield values are:


Respect is the cornerstone of our school community. It means valuing each individual’s unique perspective, treating others as we want to be treated, and appreciating the diversity that enriches our learning environment. In our school, we foster an atmosphere where respect is not only expected but celebrated.


Honesty forms the bedrock of our academic integrity. It means being truthful in our words and actions, even when faced with challenges or difficult decisions. At our school, we believe that honesty not only builds trust but also cultivates a culture of responsibility and accountability.


Taking responsibility means owning our actions, choices, and their consequences. It’s about recognising that we are active participants in our own learning journey and in the well-being of our community. We encourage every member of our school to embrace their role in creating a safe, supportive, and thriving environment.


Compassion is at the heart of how we interact and empathise with one another. It’s about showing kindness, understanding, and support to those around us, fostering a sense of belonging and unity. In our school, we believe that compassion not only nurtures a positive learning environment but also prepares students to be thoughtful, caring citizens in the broader world.

Contact Us

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Our office opens at 8am and closes at 4pm. Any calls after that will be tended to the next working day. If your child is a member of Harefield School, they will be able to contact their teachers by using their school Gmail account, or via Google Classroom.